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Shows like 13 Reasons Why

BSN Staff



13 Reasons Why is full of many twists and turns that it’s nearly guaranteed you’ll definitely get hooked after the first episode. The series is based on the novel. Through its storylines, the American teen drama covers a wide range of social issues affecting most of the teenagers in the modern world. Being zealous about the series, we’ll give you a compilation of the shows that will drown you in there nefarious mysteries.


When you’re talking of series similar to 13 Reasons Why, Skins comes to mind immediately. It’s amazing and, in fact, it has been made in the same atmosphere of the young cast, regular high school drama, parties, drugs, and family conflicts. Each episode in Skins focuses on the centrality of one character-much as Hannah’s perspective drives 13 reasons Why.

The British teen comedy-drama follows the lives of teenagers who apparently are high schoolers, living in the suburbs of Bristol. It centres on the tense lives of friends and wannabes with real teenagers flaws. You’ll be fascinated by Tony’s gangbuster character in the first episode only for you to realize that each episode covers different students which makes it smart and relevant. Topics covered are challenges every teen’s experience. Both series offer gritty in a very clever way.


Riverdale’s storyline covers the life of teenagers who are faced with mysteries of living in a town that is full of blood-thirst criminals who are ready to commit to heinous activities. The series cast is young and very attractive and honestly, you’ll never be bored. The murder mystery will put you in suspense leaving you with the urge of wanting more. As every episode rolls and the plot of the teen drama thickens, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

You’ll need to give it a shot and you’ll find it easy to binge through. The first episode starts with the murder of Jason Bossom, the elite shoestring of the privileged in Riverdale. Jason was a student at Riverdale high school, so his death comes as a shock to his classmates. Not only is Riverdale appreciated as a stylish show but it also covers societal issues like feminism, sisterhood, and the fight of right vs wrong.

Gossip Girl

Watching Gossip Girl, you’ll be following the lives of very privileged creme de la creme socialite of the upper east side of the Manhattan. The character Serena Van Der Woodsen is always in the eye of the public. The series revolves around the life of Serena as she comes back to town after being kicked out of college. It’s an insider highlight of the life of the elite teenagers that is full of unending drama.

You’ll find it quite addicting as you get to follow the unending drama after the come back of the bad girl in town. The comeback of Serena instils chills and a series of insecurity to her friend Blair who has been enjoying the utmost and uncompetitive attention from her peers and her boyfriend. The drama that unfolds will leave your eyes glued to the screen. You can’t help but wonder, what will unfold next.