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Lloyds’ digital platform comes under heavy downtime




Despite the push for digital payments from all angles, the recent issues experienced by Lloyds Bank and its Halifax subsidiary show that there is still much to do when it comes to improving platforms and guaranteeing access. With banks as massive as these, any issue can translate to huge losses, and problems with the system are definitely not something the bank’s representatives want to learn second-hand from disgruntled customers.

A reminder that online banking isn’t always convenient

Yet it is exactly this scenario that unfolded on June 1, as Lloyd’s entire digital platform appeared to stop working with no explanation. Soon enough, users poured to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction and apparently notify the bank’s officials that there is an issue in the first place. As one of the users explained, the company initially insisted that everything was in order and even engaged with customers on Twitter to reassure them that the difficulties they’re experiencing are on the user’s end.

By 12:30, however, it became clear that the bank was dealing with a major issue and acknowledged as much through Twitter, telling their clients that the problem is being dealt with.

By 2:30 PM, the bank said that the issue was fixed and that clients can resume with the use of their digital platforms. The updates only served to exacerbate confusion, however, as users once again notified the bank that the supposed fix didn’t work and that they are still denied access to the platform.

Although the issue was far from a doomsday scenario for the bank, it still displayed the kind of sloppiness one would hardly expect from a bank of this size.