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Canon EOS R5 launch date revealed as 8K hype becomes unbearable




Following months of rumors, Canon is finally ready to launch its first full-frame mirrorless camera, the long-anticipated, 8K-ready EOS R5. The company scheduled a major product event for next month, with all the signs pointing to a reveal of its reportedly monstrous piece of hardware. The launch itself is an online-only affair given the current state of the world. Fortunately, you’ll be able to tune in live free of charge; the likely Canon EOS R5 stream is scheduled to start on Monday, April 20, at 10 AM PST, which equates to 1 PM EST, or 7 PM CET.

On the verge of making photography history (again)

Most importantly, Canon categorized the happening as one of its “Professional Video Solutions” conferences, adding it will introduce multiple products on the occasion. The main takeaway in this regard is that we can expect more RF-series lenses, as well as new details on products already confirmed to be in development. Canon revealed the name of its seminal camera back in February, so while the EOS R5 is technically in an “announced” state, there’s precious little in the way of official information about it.

The tech giant so far confirmed a new full-frame CMOS sensor to be part of the package, together with unprecedented support for 8K resolutions, 20FPS bursts, and in-body image stabilization. IBIS has been a particularly sorely missed feature in the mirrorless cameras Canon released to date and the main reason why the likes of Sony’s α7R IV (and even many older models) wiped the floor with the EOS R, even as the latter was an otherwise decent, well-rounded offering. The R5’s IBIS implementation will also work in conjunction with its in-lens counterpart (IS), as Canon revealed in February.

Overall, many industry watchers predict the EOS R5 has the potential to revolutionize the field of digital photography in a manner that hasn’t been seen in over a decade, i.e. since the now-legendary EOS 5D Mark II which hit the market in late 2008, forever changing the world of video production. What’s less clear is how the still-ongoing global lockdown will affect the EOS R5’s availability. The 8K mirrorless camera is at the very least expected to hit some digital storefronts in limited quantities by early summer.

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