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Check out this absolutely stunning Witcher 3 Switch Lite concept




A fan-made Nintendo Switch Lite concept styled after The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt took the social media by storm earlier this week. The illustration seen herein comes from talented mockup artist and CD Projekt Red fan “Swervito” who originally shared it on Reddit. The concept quickly went viral, with netizens cheekily dubbing it “The Switcher Lite”.

Toss a coin to your Switcher

Swervito didn’t share many details on how this beautiful concept came to be, but the end result is arguably good enough to pass as an official design. Alas, it’s highly unlikely the Switch Lite will ever receive such a Witcher-themed makeover; the opportunity for that collectible appears to have passed seeing how the latest Witcher III port launched more than five months ago.

Nintendo released the Switch Lite last September as a way to continue the historic momentum of its latest handheld gaming console. While the first major Switch revision can’t be connected to a TV or monitor via Nintendo’s Dock, it’s a whopping $100 more affordable than its $300 predecessor. Not to mention the fact that its non-removable Joy-Cons and 5.5-inch display allow it to be even more portable – i.e. smaller and lighter – than the original 6.2-inch Switch.

The Switcher Lite concept is certainly way cooler than these tacky decals, though to be frank, these stickers have the advantage of actually existing

Many gamers have been calling for more unique, limited editions of the Switch Lite ever since Nintendo first unveiled it in 2019, but for some reason, the Japanese entertainment giant remains reluctant to humor them. As of today, half a year following the Switch Lite’s debut, the console has only been released in a single limited edition – the Zacian and Zamazenta Edition styled after Pokemon Sword and Shield.

As for our favorite monster hunter, this isn’t the first fan-made Switch concept themed after the Witcher gaming saga that made waves on the World Wide Web. Back when the Switch version of the Witcher 3 was first announced, another talented modder created a fully working Witcher Switch Dock with backlit Joy-Cons that also received countless praise from the Internet.