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Hummer delays its EV launch due to pandemic, but doesn’t halt production




Aside from its unique design, General Motors’ Hummer is perhaps best known for the wholesome cancellation of the SUV line, a decision made back in 2010. The reasons for the discontinuation of the line were tied to the vehicles’ enormous fuel consumption, along with setbacks that General Motors suffered in the wake of the financial crisis. Many fans of the Hummer car line were excited to see the vehicle return to production somewhat unexpectedly, albeit with some significant modifications.

GM is determined to get the Hummer back on track

The continuation of the line was announced in January, when GM revealed that it’s working on a vehicle called Hummer EV, an electric truck with over 1,000 horsepower. The reveal featured some fanfare and was part of GM’s $20 billion entry into the electric car industry. However, like most other car manufacturers, the pandemic forced GM to delay the launch of its EV truck to 2021 after plans to make the car commercially available by March this year.

On a more promising note, GM said that the production of the car itself hasn’t been affected by the pandemic, and that the manufacturing process is still going fairly smoothly. Keeping this in mind, the delay can most likely be attributed to the cancellation of various car shows and similar automotive events around the world that would have made the launch gather far less attention than GM is hoping to get from its bold new project.