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How to Find the Best Platform for Hiring the Right Candidate



What is a Hiring Platform?

A hiring platform is software that helps in the entire hiring process. It helps to make the process smoother, from posting job ads to checking out candidates to hiring and getting them started in their new roles. 

The best platform for hiring can help you manage all the small things involved in finding the right person for the job. These sites connect people who want to hire with people looking for work. They’re like bridges that help employers and job seekers find each other easily. 

Why should you use a hiring platform for recruitment?

As a recruiter, you are responsible for hiring the best candidate in a timely and cost-effective manner. The best platform for hiring automates and streamlines the hiring process. 

Improves Online Presence

The best platform for hiring will improve your online presence. You can customize the hiring page and put your branding on every hiring process step. Further, it will help you to publicize your job openings on relevant sites, improving your online presence. 

Maximizes ROI

The best platform for hiring maximizes return on investment (ROI). A hiring platform offers a range of benefits. It provides a low-cost alternative for callbacks. 

Further, it decreases lengthy paperwork by automating processes like document collection and screening. You can even save money on software fees by sharing your data across multiple platforms. 

Job Postings Become Seamless

Using the best platform for hiring, you can post jobs on multiple job sites and social media networks. You don’t have to log in to each platform separately to post jobs or keep track of them. 

Recruiting software gathers and combines information from all channels so you can easily understand it. And when you’re looking at job applications, you don’t have to switch between apps to compare or look at profiles. This helps you avoid missing any submissions. 

Attract the Top Talents

Recruitment technology helps you stay organized, so you’re not spending all day reading resumes or missing deadlines. A good hiring platform can go through many candidate profiles and send them personalized feedback all at once. 

Also, the best platforms for hiring let you bring in candidates from third-party databases, so you can find more qualified candidates without spending extra money. 

Efficient Onboarding Process

Hiring platforms ease the employee onboarding process. After recruitment, you need to welcome the new employee. Certain hiring sites contain tools that incorporate their data into the company’s employee database. 

Further, it also keeps track of the employee’s performance post-hiring and analyses the success of the hiring process. 

Types of Hiring Platforms

Hiring platforms can be of various kinds, and let us look into the different platforms that you can opt for:


The cloud-based hiring platform is online. You can use it through a website or application on your phone. It’s usually affordable, scalable, and more secure than an on-premise hiring platform. Plus, you can access it from wherever and whenever you need to. 


This hiring platform is set up on your own servers and hardware. It’s often pricier, harder to use, and less flexible than online options. It needs more maintenance and support from your IT team to keep it running smoothly. However, it might provide more customization and control over your security and data. 

Based on niche

This kind of hiring platform is made specifically for certain industries or jobs. It might have additional features and functionality that cater to your specific needs. Further, it may offer seamless integration with industry-specific tools and platforms. Find the best platform for hiring as per your specific needs. 

There are other types of hiring platforms as well. This includes the following:

Job Boards

Job openings are posted on this platform, and job seekers search and apply conveniently. These are run by algorithms. 

In a competitive job market, they can give access to a large pool of potential candidates and are both user-friendly and cost-effective. Examples of such job boards are Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. 

Recruitment Software

When you want to find new people to hire for your company, using recruitment software can make it easier and help you find the top candidates. 

Some well-known examples of such recruitment software are- iCIMS Recruit and Recooty. 

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

The Applicant Tracking System is a new-generation recruitment software that helps companies automate the hiring process. This type is the best platform for hiring. You can easily collect candidates’ information, scan and screen them, conduct interviews, create reports, and send emails through this platform. 

ATS also assists you in creating a powerful employer brand. Some examples of ATS systems are Pitch N Hire, BambooHR, and Breezy. 

Video Interviewing Platforms 

Gone are the days of offline interviews. Now, companies prefer conducting online interviews. Thus, it is important to have an online video tool for interviews. 

This can also be a good choice for companies that hire people working from home. It’s also great for those who want to spend less time and money on interviews. SparkHire and VidCruiter are examples of such video interviewing tools. 

Skill-Testing Platforms

These platforms offer tests to help companies check candidates’ skills and abilities. This can include questions on cognitive ability, personality skills, and tests for specific skills, like coding for software developers. 

This checks the candidate’s skills compared with the job opening requirements. Interview Mocha,, and CodeSignal are examples of such skill-testing platforms. 

Referral Platforms 

When you are close to hiring, one of the final things to do is check their references. Platforms that do this can expedite the process and save your HR team’s time. 

Referral platforms allow you to tap into your employees’ networks to find the best talent. Some of the reference-checking platforms include- Checkster, Crosschq, and Xref.  

Social Recruiting Platforms

Who said the job recruiting process has to be formal and boring? The goal of social recruiting is to draw in the top applicants by using social media platforms. Recruiting has never been more enjoyable because of the enormous exposure that social media platforms provide and running in-app paid ads.  

How To Find The Best Platform for Hiring?

To find the right hiring platform, figure out what you need when hiring- and don’t limit yourself. These tools can do more than just organize information and help you choose. They can also help you hire faster, getting the best people before other companies woo them away. 

To choose the best hiring platform, you must do rigorous research. 

  • Look into various hiring platforms, such as job boards, social media platforms, recruitment agencies, etc. 
  • Carefully read reviews and testimonials and evaluate their reach and audience. 
  • Assess each platform’s features and tools and whether it meets your needs. 
  • Use the trial period offered by some of the best hiring platforms to test out the services before you commit to them. 
  • Compare pricing plans and packages. Some packages even have several tools in one, saving you money compared to buying each separately. 

Pitch N Hire is an Applicant Tracking System Canada that has all the best features to ease your hiring process. It provides easy resume parsing, an analytical dashboard, and has the feature of video interviewing tools. Be careful in choosing your best platform for hiring. 

Final Thoughts! 

In conclusion, the hiring process is critical for any organization’s success, and choosing the right platform can greatly streamline and enhance this process. Whether it’s automating tasks, improving online presence, or ensuring thorough background checks, these best platforms for hiring offer a range of benefits to help companies attract, evaluate, and hire the best talent efficiently and effectively.