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Windows Mobile 7 definitely delayed to 2011




Windows Mobile 7 Delayed

After speaking with multiple sources, we’re now certain that we won’t be seeing Windows Mobile 7 before World Mobile Congress in Barcelona in February 2011.

We spoke with representatives from Microsoft, Lenovo, Qualcomm, TI, Nokia, nVidia, HTC and many more and they all had just one message – Windows Mobile 7 is delayed until 2011 and the focus is shifting to Google Android and even Chrome OS as a way to battle the competitors during 2010.

This unfortunate turn of events had several sacrifices, such as dedicated Windows Mobile 7 cellphones and smartbooks that are now being shifted to Android. We are not certain what this means for viability of Microsoft in handheld market and can Zune Phone make amends and restart the eco system but again, according to our sources – they’re all going either for Windows XP/7 or Linux where they can [x86 CPU designs] or simply adopting Google’s Android or Chrome OS.

Stay tuned.

Original Author: Theo Valich

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