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BSN’s list of best VPNs for Amazon Prime




Picking up the best VPN for Amazon Prime is fairly simple if you only (or largely) intend to use it to unlock the full potential of your streaming subscription or membership. Meaning: “bypass its geographic restrictions that exist due to legal discrepancies that are not your problem to begin with.” Therefore, below you’ll find our current favorites that verifiably work flawlessly with Amazon’s video streaming service and are also quite well-rounded products, in general.

Third best VPN for Amazon Prime: PureVPN

Just like its name implies, PureVPN offers quintessential virtual private networking. Which makes it a perfectly capable tool for bypassing any and all on-demand video platforms such as Amazon Prime. So, if your list of VPN considerations doesn’t go far beyond accessing content you’re already paying for anyway, then PureVPN is an amazing, no-nonsense solution that you’ll be content with in the long term. The full review can be found here: BSN’s PureVPN Review: The Gamer.

  • Pros: It’s easy to use, has a dedicated IP service built-in and has aggressive, competitive pricing. Good for gaming.
  • Cons: May feel limited if you use VPNs for more than just watching Friends reruns out of China

Second best VPN for Amazon Prime: NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the industry’s blockbuster names, and with video unblocking being one of the top reasons people use VPNs in the first place, it’s unsurprisingly excellent at doing so. Contrary to the aforementioned rival, however, it also does a whole lot more at once. Meaning you might find it to be even greater value for money than you first suspected, or you may just end up being annoyed at endless features you don’t care about. It’s still pretty straightforward to set up, however, so it might be the best option if you’re shopping for a versatile, somewhat scalable VPN solution that will go beyond Amazon Prime location restrictions today and much further tomorrow – or whenever you feel like it. Our full review can be found here: BSN’s NordVPN Review: The Sleek One.

  • Pros: The combination of performance and reputation make it the ultimate content unblocker. Also, the UI is beautifully designed.
  • Cons: You’re paying for a bunch of stuff you (probably) don’t need

*The* best VPN for Amazon Prime: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN edges out its competitors in terms of speeds, so if you have access to a modern home cinema with all the 4K bells and HDR whistles that go along with it, you’ll probably want to pay for a no-compromise solution that will allow you to unblock Amazon Prime content with as little tradeoffs in terms of Internet speeds as possible. Granted, the top performance claim largely depends on where you’re located, i.e. how close to its server farms you are. Yet even in that sense, ExspressVPN’s ever-growing infrastructural network does make it a pretty safe long-term investment. The full review can be found under this link: BSN’s ExpressVPN Review: The Speedster.

  • Pros: Stellar and perfectly consistent performance, even if you’re handling multiple devices.
  • Cons: Not the cheapest option on the market (duh).