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Best VPN for Windows




As the default PC platform since the last century, Windows is by far the most competitive market for virtual private network services on the planet. And while VPNs come in all flags and prices (or lack thereof), the defense of your browsing history and identifiable information needs to start with your computer, which usually means – Windows.

With that in mind, here are our frontrunners in the neverending “Best VPN for Windows” race, chosen with the goal of covering as many use cases as possible, regardless if you want to access an online casino, download a torrent or just browse the internet anonymously, these guys have your back:

#5 ProtonVPN

If you’re the type of user who spends hours setting up their home mesh network just so they can squeeze out an extra 5% of throughput performance in that southwestern corner of the laundry room where you like to hide whenever inlaws come knocking with stupid rhetorical questions about grankids and vaccines – ProtonVPN should be your first consideration among top-tier Windows VPNs. It’s also a great choice for those who already got comfortable with the concept of Internet traffic rerouting and are now looking to upgrade to a more capable, less-restrictive solution. Our review can be found here: ProtonVPN Review.

Pros: A tinkerer’s dream due to vast third-party client support and features. The free service tier somehow isn’t absolutely terrible but acts as a decent infinite trial.

Cons: Not great for first-time VPN users. Apparent (albeit minor) network/business scaling issues.

#4 TunnelBear VPN

This may be hard to believe, but TunnelBear is the opposite of unbearable software. The Canadian VPN provider managed to deliver a cleanly designed, platform-agnostic, and competitively priced solution which serves as an excellent, lighthearted entry point into the world of VPNs. Given how bleak today’s digital privacy situation looks like, a service as accessible as TunnelBear simply must be cherished. Our review can be found here: Tunnelbear VPN Review.

Pros: Intuitive design suitable for VPN newcomers, great customer support, and an easy-to-understand trial. Bears are natural predators of fish and nothing’s fishier than 21st-century Internet giants.

Cons: Network size and performance are a step below industry leaders. Somewhat barebones compared to only slightly more expensive options.

The Third Best VPN for Windows: PIA

PIA is a VPN for people who aren’t just mindful — or even paranoid — about their digital privacy but are also hoping to support the still-too-weak global push against invasive business practices on the Internet. If you want your wallet to vote against the continued erosion of our rights, you’ll hardly find a more transparent and pro-consumer VPN to support. PIA may not be easy on the eyes, but it’s easier on PC resources than most Windows VPN clients and provides some truly amazing bang for your buck that only a select few competing services can match up to. Our review can be found here: PIA VPN Review.

Pros: Arguably the most trustworthy VPN whose transparency should satisfy even the most paranoid demographic. Nearly unrivaled value for money – on Windows and beyond.

Cons: Mostly average network performance. UI design philosophy took straight out of a boomer-themed nightmare.

The Second Best VPN for Windows: NordVPN

NordVPN is impressively competitive for a platform designed as a jack-of-all-trades, which makes it a safe choice for many undecided netizens shopping for an adaptable yet-capable VPN solution. But, like many mainstream options in the industry, it went off chasing mobile growth in recent years, thus somewhat neglecting its original audience core. As a result, the NordVPN Windows client now seems to be on a decline relative to its rivals and while it’s still extremely relevant due to its humongous server network and operational scale in general, Windows-first VPN users probably shouldn’t jump on its multi-year subscriptions until its overall long-term direction becomes clearer. With that said, keep an eye out on its three- and six-month deals that keep popping up. Our review can be found under this link: NordVPN Review.

Pros: Near-flawless video streaming and content unblocking capabilities. The highly functional interface manages to look decent. An enormous server network makes up for smaller annoyances. Aggressive pricing greatly contributes to the overall competitiveness of Windows VPNs.

Cons: Smaller annoyances and bugs becoming more numerous on Windows due to mobile focus. Continued lack of port forwarding support makes it the worst Windows VPN for torrenting among industry leaders. This security blunder happened quite recently (NordVPN breach).

The Best VPN for Windows: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN and NordVPN have been clashing across every relevant platform for quite a while now, but the former recently started building a lead on Windows. That’s in no small part due to its increased focus on gaming which seems to have resonated among new audiences. The experience of interacting the firm’s customer service reps can still be a bit random, but the overall package ExpressVPN offers to prospective Windows users remains extremely tempting, especially now that its main rival seems to be redirecting some of its resources to mobile, whereas most other desktop challengers have some way to go until they can hope to match up to its 3,000+ strong server network. Our review can be found here: ExpressVPN Review.

Pros: As good as they come in terms of pure VPN speeds on any platform. Many gaming optimizations and integrations ideal for privacy-minded gamers. Extensive knowledge base useful for more than just troubleshooting. Extremely scalable infrastructure.

Cons: Inconsistent response times from customer service reps. There are better value options for those on tight budgets (most of which can be trialed).