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BSN’s list of best VPNs for Disney+




Choosing the best VPN for Disney Plus is like deciding on the best door lock to safeguard your TV: sure it was expensive and you want to make sure it’s not stolen but there’s a whole lot more in your home worthy of that same treatment. So, you don’t have to fret about whether a particular VPN service works well with Disney+, just that it works well with streaming platforms, in general.

However, things can get overwhelming quite fast, so below are our current favorites that we can confirm are all quite amazing at helping you get the most out of your favorite on-demand video service, whether that’s Disney+ or something else entirely.

Second best VPN for Disney+: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN’s giant server network guarantees top speeds in the majority of the world, so if you’re part of that demographic, you’ll find this service to be as good as VPNs get, even in terms of overall privacy policy and other ways in which it creates value for its customers beyond merely bypassing location restrictions crippling Disney+. And since you’ll be paying for the full thing anyway, you might as well get acquainted with everything it has to offer… eventually, of course, just after you find out what Baby Yoda has been up to in season two.

  • Pros: Amazing performance that makes a difference at higher resolutions, massive server network.
  • Cons: Not the most affordable VPN out there.

*The* best VPN for Disney+: NordVPN

There are meaningful ways in which NordVPN differs from its largest rival listed immediately above, but video streaming performance is not one of them. So, the choice of which one would be better for your specific case speeds-wise largely depends on whose servers are slightly closer to your location. Otherwise, NordVPN’s customer support staff seems to be somewhat more chill, i.e. less overworked, which gives it an edge.

  • Pros: Enormous, constantly growing server network, excellent customer support.
  • Cons: There are cheaper alternatives on the market.