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UPDATED: AMD Next-Gen “Bulldozer” FX CPU Retail Box Concepts




Update March 14, 2011 10:07 GMT – As per request by the source, we have removed the link to the original publication. AMD requested that these images and the story is to be taken down. However, Bright Side of News* has a policy of keeping the stories online, especially if those stories turn out to be true. The proper way to work with our publication is by providing the same level playing field as with other media outlets on the Internet.

Original Article:
As AMD begins to prepare for the launch of their FX series processors based on the Bulldozer architecture, it appears that some preliminary images of their boxes and marketing banners have leaked.

The new name parts ways with Athlon and Phenom, and invokes the spirit of their successful line of multiplier-unlocked processors of the past, dubbed “FX”.

For those that may be a little confused, these are the boxes for the two variants of Zambezi, both a quadcore and an octocore with the octocore being an unlocked processor. Zambezi will actually have three variants:

Quad-Core – 4 CPU Cores, 4MB L3 cache
Sexa-Core – 6 CPU Cores, 8MB L3 cache
Octo-Core – 8 CPU Cores, 8MB L3 cache

The Sexa-Core processors are based of Octo-Core Zambezi die with disabled CPU cores (dies that failed in QA testing, for instance). If Quad-Core processors turn out to be unlockable to a full Octo-Core configuration, such as certain processors in the past (dual-core to a quad-core, dual-core to a sexa-core) – AMD could reignite its market share among enthusiasts and gamers.

While we cannot necessarily verify the authenticity of these boxes, we think it is safe to assume they’re fairly accurate. It looks to us like AMD is toying with positioning of their key message for these processors, which is “Unlocked and Loaded”, clearly implying that you should play with the clocks of these babies. The company is feeling extra confident due to some initial testing results and a product recall that their main competitor had with the Sandy Bridge platform, Intel’s 6-Series chipset.

The promising part is that if they are already preparing marketing materials then they are likely preparing for a launch as well, hopefully reinforcing a second quarter launch of Bulldozer at this year’s E3. The first day of E3 is June 7th, just days after Computex Taipei 2011. Even though AMD is internally discussing an E3 launch, it is hard for us to believe that the company would shun its Asian partners and not launch these processors at Computex (May 31st).

Do note that these concept images also feature a new logo for AMD, which is now positioned inside a black square with thin borders.

Original Author: Anshel Sag

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