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Twitter to introduce voice tweets




Twitter Voice Tweets

Twitter is the perfect place to catch up on the latest gossip, or just find funny videos of cats being dorks. To bring things to a whole new level, the platform recently announced that users will soon be able to leave their own voice tweets.

In other words, you can record audio messages that others can listen to. According to Twitter, each voice tweet can last up to “2 minutes and 20 seconds”. Going above the limit will just automatically split the recording into multiple tweets in a thread.

A new way to tell stories and share experiences

To make a voice tweet, you first have to compose a new tweet and click the (purple) wavelength icon. After being brought to a new user interface, you can find a record button at the bottom of your screen.

Voice tweets will appear on everyone’s timeline just like normal tweets. For IOS users, you can continue using your phone or browsing the app while listening to voice tweets. There isn’t a confirmed release date for this new feature yet. It is currently in the final stages of development, as the feature is only available to a selected group of IOS users.

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