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Twitter Creator Spills the Beans on His Jobs-esque Pursue of Simplicity




Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey is unapologetic about his ability to distill a complex idea to its simplest, easily digestible form.

“It’s really complex to make something simple,” he explained journalist Charlie Rose in a fascinating one-on-one interview embedded below.

It’s what makes text messaging such a hugely popular service, Dorsey explains, because it does away with the technology behind it. And it’s this focus on simplicity which led Dorsey, 34, to create Twitter in 2006 as the SMS service for the web, if you will, and it’s also the driving force behind Square, his startup selling attachments that turn your cellphone into a mobile payment terminal.

Saint Louis, Missouri-born Dorsey’s thinking is rooted in Steve Jobs-like understanding that the best and most disruptive technologies start out as the simplest ideas that solve the life’s issues one problem at a time:

When you’re using the iPad, the iPad disappears, it goes away. You’re reading a book. You’re viewing a website, you’re touching a web site. That’s amazing and that’s what SMS is for me. The technology goes away and with Twitter the technology goes away. And the same is true with Square. We want the technology to fade away so that you can focus on enjoying the cappuccino that you just purchased.

It’s a fascinating, highly recommended interview. You can enjoy the below three-minute segment where Dorsey explains how Twitter came to be, read the full transcript at TechCrunch or watch the entire 25-minutes-long clip on Charlie Rose’s web site.

Source: The Charlie Rose web site

Original Author: Christian Zibreg

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