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Thiago Costa Shows Off Lagoa Multiphysics Engine




For those who might have not seen it yet, there is a new physics engine demo online that shows the capabilities of the new Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 Engine. The engine was developed by none other than Thiago Costa who is a Brazilian animator who works for Ubisoft Digital Arts in Montreal Canada. This video has already begun to make its rounds around the internet showing off all the various fluid dynamics of the engine as well as the overall complexity of the engine and its different capabilities. Lagoa in portugese means pond, which somewhat illustrates his enjoyment of fluid dynamics which is one of the things he lists on his website as things he enjoys.

There is some hope for this project as it is possibly already being used in a game studio, but we currently have no confirmation of that. Many projects that we see nowadays may get a lot of press but in the end don’t get picked up by anyone and simply become vaporware. Hopefully this is not the case for Mr. Costa’s physics engine and we really wish for Ubisoft to support this project as this could further help physics continue to become a more important factor when it comes to game quality. Since this physics engine appears to have been created outside of Ubisoft, there is less chance that this will be used in games not to mention the sheer complexity of the engine may be too much for current GPU generations. In my opinion, though, there’s a good chance that with a good PhysX card this engine could be used in real time for games.

Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 – Teaser from Thiago Costa on Vimeo.

Original Author: Anshel Sag

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