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Xbox Series X controllers support way easier device switching




We just got introduced to an Xbox Series X hidden gem that’s going to save us time and energy.

How is this different from the way last-gen controllers handled multi-device connectivity?

Timo Wolf, a Microsoft employee, described yesterday in a Twitter post how a new feature will help those who frequently use Xbox Series X and S controllers with their consoles and PC or mobile. The previous generation’s controllers had the same sync button in the front, but the Series X makes players’ life easier. As it happens, previous generations had to be reconnected for each device change (from Xbox consoles to PCs and mobile devices). That would last a couple of minutes if the user didn’t realize straight away that the gamepad was already connected to the device in another room. But nowadays, you can easily use a sync button for a quick and painless switch.

All you have to do is hold “sync” to recall the last device (it should flash 2 to 3 times), and then double-tap “sync” to switch to your Xbox. This time it should flash just once. Wolf explained that although there’s no available official documentation for this feature, it is mentioned on the product page for switching devices. He later also pointed out that he learned (through feedback) that this doesn’t work to switch between Xbox & Xbox Wireless Adapter, but only for the Xbox & Bluetooth connection.