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Meet Solterra, Subaru’s First Electric Crossover Car




With the popularity of SUVs and crossover-style cars reaching new heights every day, it is no wonder that Subaru decided to go for this form factor for their first electric car. The Solterra is expected to share platform with Toyota e-TNGA powered cars, such as the bZ4X with which it shares quite a bit of technical specifications. Subaru’s first electric car is designed to be a practical, family-oriented vehicle that is quite capable off-road with its signature AWD system, as one would expect.

How Many Versions of Solterra Are Expected?

The Solterra is expected to come in two versions, with the most significant differentiating factor being the drivetrain. Unfortunately, no pricing profile has been announced yet, but it would be realistic for the Solterra to start at around US$30,000. The more affordable of the two versions is actually a 2WD vehicle, powered by a single 150kW motor, while the 4WD version comes with dual 80kW motors on both axles. Between the two, other than the 4WD capabilities, not much is different.

The range seems to have had the most impact due to added weight, as the 2WD version is capable of reaching 329 miles in comparison with 311 miles that the 4WD one does. This is mostly due to the fact that the 4WD version weighs in at 2,020kg, while the 2WD version weighs in at 1,930kg, and both versions make use of the same 71,4kWh battery.