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Panasonic Selected as the Structural Battery Vendor for Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle




Canoo is a company involved with the design and manufacturing of electric vehicles, founded by Stefan Krause and Ulrich Kranz in 2017, based in Texas, USA. Right from the beginning, they have taken Tesla’s approach in terms of battery design and actual integration into the vehicle, meaning that it is integrated into the structural design of the car. With this approach, it is possible to save approximately 10% of total weight and provide up to 15% of specific energy capacity when compared to the standard “box-in-box” design. For Canoo’s latest and greatest, the Lifestyle Vehicle, Panasonic has been selected as the primary vendor for battery cells.

What Are the Advantages of Structural Batteries That Panasonic Will Provide to Canoo?

Batteries are a key aspect of the success of any type of electric vehicle, as it impacts every single bit of the actual driving, comfort, and safety experience. The first challenge of an electric car’s battery design is to provide the highest possible power and capacity, with the available space being the most limiting factor.


By making the batteries tailor-made for the chassis itself, Canoo managed to increase the safety rating of the vehicle, while also improving the battery capacity and reliability when compared to the standard battery design principles. As mentioned before, specific energy capacity is increased, but there are additional benefits to the design, such as cost optimization and space savings, which means that the range of the vehicle is increased, while also providing more space to components that reinforce the structural integrity.