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Logitech announces the Pro X Lightspeed Wireless




After almost two years of waiting, stumbling over cords and accidentally dragging your gaming laptop to the bathroom, Logitech finally brought us the long-awaited wireless version of their popular Pro X gaming headset.

They didn’t change the formula much, it’s still the same aluminium pair of headphones we fell in love with two years ago, but this time we got some new features and an additional noun in the name; let us welcome the Logitech Pro X Lightspeed.

There’s no RGB action, but who cares, right?

Powered with a 2.4GHz USB Type-A wireless receiver and compatible with USB-C charging, the new Logitech Pro X Lightpseed offers up to 20 hours of battery life and can remain connected to your device up to 42 feet away (around 13 meters for our European friends). TBH at this point we’re just reciting the PR that we got from Logitech, we didn’t test the headphones yet, but we know who did.

Meanwhile our friends over at TheVerge find the above mentioned range unimpressive, acting like they don’t know how it is when you need to pee in the middle of a match, but don’t want to miss out on any Discord action going on. Tsk tsk Verge…

Anyhow, how much does our favourite Swiss manufacturer ask for this bundle of wireless joy? $199, flat.