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Lenovo fights LG as it tries to protect its trademark




Lenovo filed a notice of opposition against LG in an attempt to protect its THINK-formative marks.

Didn’t Lenovo get the memo four years ago?

Earlier this week, Lenovo PC International filed a notice of opposition against LG Electronics Inc.’s application for the THINQ mark, in the United States Patent and Trademark Office before the Trademark Trial and Appeal board. Lenovo stated that the THINQ mark could be mistaken with its THINK-formative marks which it owns since 2005 when it obtained the marks from IBM. THINK PAD, for example, has been in use since 1992 (first by IBM, and then Lenovo). There are also other well-known goods and services, such as THINKLIGHT, THINKSTATION, THINKSERVER, THINKPLUS, THINKCENTRE, and others, Lenovo stated in its notice. Although LG applied for registering THINQ in 2019, it was just now that Lenovo realized that it actually resembles THINK marks “in sound, sight, and commercial impression”.

LG supposedly claimed intent to use its mark in the future, and Lenovo decided that it had prior rights over it. What’s even more interesting is the fact that LG’s THINKQ brand was launched back in 2017. So it remains unclear how Lenovo only now decided that THINKQ might “cause confusion, mistake, or deception” amongst the consumers. All in all, this is not a lawsuit, but probably just an intro into a trademark dispute.