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HaptX Gloves DK2 launch as the ultimate VR accessory




California based startup HaptX this week announced the release of HaptX Gloves DK2 – the first gloves with true-contact haptics feedback available for purchase after years of research, development, prototyping, and pilot projects.

A perfect fit for the work-from-home economy?

The HaptX gloves are already used for military training, Nissan designers, surgical training, and other enterprise use cases, but the new DK2 model is smaller, lighter, and more comfortable to wear. This is a major upgrade to the world’s most advanced haptic feedback gloves which physically – thanks to microfluidics – displace the user’s skin up to 2mm, simulating the feel of touching real objects. Each glove comes with 130 points of tactic feedback, therefore, offering more realistic interactions than those that come with standard vibration and force feedback haptics.

Jake Rubin, CEO, and founder of HaptX explained that their artificial skin activates tactile actuators, and they also use magnetic motion tracking, a proprietary motion capture system featuring sub-millimeter precision, 30 DoF per hand, and no latency or occlusion, which creates an individualized, physically-accurate VR hand model. Although many businesses continue to struggle in face of the ongoing global pandemic, the new circumstances also increased the demand for virtual training and designing tools. That being said, these factors contributed to the faster development of the DK2 gloves. Tech companies are also investing more in telerobotics nowadays, and HaptX aims to meet this demand with the Gloves DK2, as well.