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Adobe Acrobat Is Now Available as a Browser Add-On for Chrome and Edge

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On October 12, Adobe unveiled a new update to Acrobat, the addition of basic PDF editing tools. This major update is for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The extension is already available in their respective web stores. According to the company’s blog, Adobe Acrobat now lets you add markup, comments, signatures, and other basic edits to PDF files in the convenience of your browser. You can also use the fields with the extension for text entry or an electronic signature. In addition, you can enjoy all of this without the need to download the full extension.

Is Adobe Acrobat for Chrome Free?

However, some premium features do require an Adobe subscription. For example, converting a PDF to a Word document directly from the browser, converting a web page to a PDF, and adjusting the location and orientation of PDF pages are all functionalities from the paid version. Also, you will need the subscription to remove specific pages from a PDF, single export pages as different files, and combine many PDFs into one.

It is worth noting that the browser extension is different from Acrobat Web, which is likely to remain the choice of those who work with PDF editing on an ongoing basis. The extension is a better choice for those users who only need to perform quick editing or sign PDF documents on the move.

Also worth mentioning is a new feature in the update that will allow multiple Adobe Acrobat for Chrome users to edit the same PDF from different computers. This is nothing new for Adobe, as the web version allows this. However, the innovation is in the ability to do it from the browser.

Although Adobe announced the update in October, it has been available since August of this year. Before that, the extension only allowed you to print web pages into PDFS, something you can do with any browser native tools.

Photoshop Elements 2022, Adobe Announced a Creative Update

Adobe has announced the new version of the non-professional photo and video editing software, Photoshop Elements, updated with new Adobe Sensei AI-powered features.

Adobe Sensei AI technology simplifies editing work in Photoshop Elements 2022 by reducing it to a single click to incorporate artistic effects inspired by famous and popular works of art that can be applied to all or part of the photo.

The editor also lets you add moving overlays such as snowflakes, hearts and sparkles to images or animated frames. In addition, the designs can be saved in MP4 format for sharing on social networks, as explained by the company. Adobe Sensei AI also introduces options for deforming photos, such as placing one picture inside another by wrapping it around an object cup or fitting it inside shapes.

For those who own previous versions, the update is completely free. All these innovations by Adobe will allow Photoshop users to achieve a more efficient workflow for creative work.