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The Blacklist finds unusual way to finish season with animated parts




Various TV shows currently on air have dealt with pandemic-related disruptions in different ways. While some opted to place production on a complete halt until operations can be fully resumed, others looked for alternative ways to continue airing and avoid shutting the audience off. The Blacklist found itself among the shows affected by the disruption, as its seventh season was airing as the pandemic struck.

Other shows have used similar methods, yet most agree they’re not sustainable

In response to being cut off from the set, the producers decided to finish the season by creating an animated last episode. As one can infer from different sources, the episode will likely look exceedingly similar, featuring a mix of cartoon elements and scenes that were recorded before the pandemic. To further the experience, the two main actors will also voice the animated characters.

CBS’ All Rise opted for a different approach by using live video feeds to record an episode, while NBC’s both returned Parks and Recreation on air and recorded its talk show in a similar manner to All Rise. While critics praised the networks’ commitment to keeping the shows running, they also said that these convoluted measures aren’t sustainable and will considerably detract from the quality of the shows if they become more frequent.