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Shows like The Fosters

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The Fosters is about the family of Stef Foster and Lena Adams, of adopted, biological, and foster kids and the struggles they go through to raise them. This show portrays teenage drama and how much kids are or not willing to listen to their parents. It has its amount of adolescent struggles and the sacrifices to become a better version of oneself. Drama, sex, highschool kids, and family struggles are the highlights of this show.

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin follows the life of Jane, a staunch catholic Christian girl who was taught at a young age by her grandmother to cherish her purity and keep it for her husband. She becomes inseminated by a doctor who confuses the exam and she ends up becoming pregnant with Rafael’s child, even though the procedure is meant for another woman. This story embodies the culture of Latinos and outspoken Mexicans.

Family drama and love dominate this show just like the Fosters, with the sister of the sperm owner being the OBG/YN, a hotel that holds more secrets than its letting on… As the show progresses, we get to see Jane’s life unravel with the unexpected results of her artificial insemination. The beauty of this show is how Jane gets to handle her extraordinary life as a young mother, her career, her love life, and her celebrity dad.

Jane By Design

Jane by Design follows the life of Jane Quimby as she juggles the life of high school and her passion for fashion. She works as executive assistant to Gray Chambry. The only problem is that she hides the fact that she is not an adult. She keeps the job a secret from her brother, who is her sole guardian, and she has to find ways to navigate all of this.

With the help of her best friend, she gets to do her dream job and along the way, she encounters friends and enemies who may be an obstacle to her goal of becoming a fashion designer. Being unpopular in school but thriving in the fashion world is the life of Jane. Still, she knows how to balance her two experiences with ease even though she sometimes encounters a bump or two; overall, it becomes better than she anticipated.

Make It or Break It

This show follows the lives of elite teenagers who are gymnastics as they train. The four teenagers Kaylie Cruz, Lauren Tanner, Payson Keeler, Emily Kmetko depict the struggles of athletes in this type of gymnastic world. There are struggles they have to overcome along the way to their victory and have to become pros if they are going to make it to the top. Family, teenage issues and struggles are some of the highlights of this show.

Through each season, we get to see these young ladies overcome a lot. With some of them having to starve themselves to make the cut, this show keeps one on edge to find just exactly what these athletes are willing to do to make it or just break it. Perhaps the best in this team is Payson, as she never gives up, even when she has to have surgery as a result of an injury.