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Netflix to bring back regular streaming quality in some parts of Europe




As the pandemic intensified demand for streaming services, various governments became concerned that the sudden increase in audience could strain national connections. In response, Netflix limited its streaming quality in order to reduce broadband expenditure in numerous European countries. Netflix was one of many content platforms that the European Union asked to employ measures to lessen the bandwidth strain, and the popular streamer agreed.

Other platforms are also restoring bandwidth, albeit to an unknown degree

Netflix’s measures reduced traffic in European countries by 25% over 30 days, but the platform is now looking to restore its usual bandwidth capacity, albeit slowly. Netflix didn’t specify exactly how soon the platform will return to full capacity, but a spokesperson confirmed that the move will be gradual. Different sources have already reported an increase in capacity in many countries within the European Union.

Netflix is no stranger to bandwidth adjustments, as the company has been using a method of streaming where the platform determines the connection quality and streams content in accordance since 2010. The method is primarily used in areas with lower bandwidth or by those with connection issues so that viewers can watch the shows and movies without interruption. Besides Netflix, Apple TV Plus has also restored some of the streaming quality, although it isn’t yet known when similar platforms will follow in the same path and to which extent.