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National Treasure is coming back in TV show format on Disney+




The National Treasure adventure movie with Nicolas Cage in the main role will be getting a series, after earlier reports revealed that a sequel of the movie is also in the works. According to the show’s producers, the movie sequel is already in development, while the TV show is somewhat lagging behind, although there is already a rough idea for a few episodes.

The movie and show are one of many expansions of Disney’s franchises

Perhaps the biggest point of interest regarding the news is whether Nicolas Cage will return to either the movie or the show in some capacity. The actor’s dedication to his work definitely makes it a possible scenario, but the show’s producers or Cage himself have not yet shared any details in regards to the casting.

While the decision to issue both a sequel and a show for a somewhat dated movie with fairly limited reception might seem odd, things begin to make more sense when one takes into account Disney’s moves as of late. The network has reached far and wide into its franchises to expand as many as possible through its streaming service. Some of the projects that are currently being developed include many additions to the Star Wars franchise, which range from an expected second season of The Mandalorian to less obvious choices such as a standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Likewise, the network also plans to give various Marvel characters their own show, including the Winter Soldier, the Scarlet Witch and Loki.