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In a bid to find subscribers, Quibi plans on introducing sharing features




When streaming platform Quibi launched in April, it found itself pitted against plenty of competition such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney and YouTube. Yet the network’s biggest hurdle turned out to be a launch date in the midst of a pandemic that made most operations difficult. As a result, the app has underperformed in terms of subscribers, and the situation was made worse by a fair amount of its contents getting negative reviews.

Quibi is turning to content sharing in order to gain a greater viewer base

Another major issue was an almost all-encompassing lack of sharing features, with no way for users to connect the app to social media or other popular platforms in order to spread Quibi’s content. And although the lack of a screenshot-taking feature isn’t unique to this platform, the lack of a desktop app made sharing close to impossible, further reducing the exposure and limiting the platform’s reach during a key period.

In response, the team behind Quibi will introduce some form of connectivity to social media platforms to facilitate sharing, although it’s not yet known if screenshot or clip sharing will be introduced, and neither option has an estimated timeframe in regards to when it will be added. While the producers have placed the brunt of the blame on the pandemic, some have contended that Quibi’s lackluster launch has more to do with the amount of competition that has already gained solid footing and amassed a large amount of viewers.