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Surprisingly Good Take On Upcoming Olympics In Sega Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

BSN Staff



Tokyo Olympic Games will feature 33 sports but much more disciplines. Only Athletics have almost as many competitions; for most sports, the Olympics are the pinnacle and the most significant achievement. However, the sheer number of varied sports make the creation of the Olympic Games video game difficult.  

In the past, there were mixed results for developers who tried to recreate the Olympics. Sega introduced Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 as a first installment after 2020. 

Get Your Athletics On 

The game is a collection of 18 minigames, with every sport having its game mechanics and rules. You start the game by creating an avatar with more than 100 types of faces and shapes. Customization goes deep towards jersey and sneaker colour and shape. Your athlete earns points in events, and you can unlock new outfits and nine skills loadout.  

Playing with the same athletes in different sport on the Olympic level is a mean deviation from reality. Still, it is an arcade take with silly addition to the most significant sporting event. The graphics in the game is more than decent, and we loved the camera angles that bring a touch of reality into a complete arcade style of play. Some animations could seem off, but overall you shouldn’t expect bugs or error code screens while playing one of 18 events. 

Hammer Throw vs 100-Meter Dash 

Athletics is the most represented sport with four disciplines. Hammer throw is perhaps to most fun sport overall in the game with creating a spinning move and anticipation of the right moment to let go of the hammer. In a 100 meter dash, you can play with Sonic the Hedgehog to add some flare, but even without a weird character, the minigame has its moment in guessing the right moment to start and lean in the end at the exact time to take the win.  

Some minigames are fun and have excellent gameplay, like Beach Volleyball, or BMX race, while football and basketball fail to impress, mostly because gamers know how great are some of the other simulations. Table tennis offers much more fun moments than Judo, for instance. 

Overall, Sega Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 lets you gear up for the upcoming summer event with 18 minigames, and you will probably find a few that will give you hours of fun. The game also has a multiplayer mode. You can play co-op locally or try to compete in online multiplayer with up to 8 players. The game surpassed expectations, and it is one of the best takes on the Olympic Games and an excellent choice for fans of the arcade sports titles.