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Malta is Celebrating the End of Summer with Three Major Events

BSN Staff



Malta is one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations, and for good reason. The Mediterranean archipelago boasts vast expanses of verdant countryside, award-winning beaches, and regular musical and cultural events. As summer nears its end, Malta is celebrating with three major happenings, open to international tourists.

Malta Rocks with Destiny Chukunyere, The Rifff’s, Red Electrick and more

On the 17th of September, the Malta Rocks concert will be being held at the Floriana Granaries, Malta’s largest public square. Organizers are predicting that the open-air event will breathe new life into Malta’s local entertainment industry. In attendance at the event will be Malta’s very own Junior Eurovision winner, Destiny. The event will also showcase some of the country’s other homegrown talent, and will feature: The Rifff’s, Wayne and Band, Matthew James and Band, Red Electrick, Owen Leuellen, The Busker, and many more.

The event has been meticulously organized to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Malta’s Tourism Authority CEO Johann Buttigieg has said that the event would be the ‘first chance for some of Malta’s finest [musicians] to come together on one platform.’ Check out the Events in Malta and Gozo page for more info.

BBC Concert Orchestra with It’s a Kind of Magic – The Queen Story

On the 24th of September, also at the Floriana Granaries, the world-famous BBC Concert Orchestra will be held. The event will feature It’s a Kind of Magic – The Queen Story, which will tell the story of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon through their music and the ones who inspired them. For the event, planners have crafted an exact replica of the legendary Live Aid set from Wembley Stadium.

The BBC Concert Orchestra will also perform songs by Aretha Franklin, John Lennon, and Jimi Hendrix. The Concert is set to be the highlight of Malta’s busy events calendar; it’s not something that you’ll want to miss. You can find more information on tickets and the event under this link.

Pete Tong Classics and the Heritage Orchestra

Finally, on the 28th of September, Malta will send summer off in style, with Pete Tong Classics and the Heritage Orchestra. Legendary DJ and music producer Pete Tong and the award-winning Heritage Orchestra will perform for one night only and will be conducted by famous British composer Jules Buckley. The event is predicted to sell out fast, so if you’re interested in attending you’ll want to arrange your tickets immediately. The official press release and information and tickets can be found here.

Pete Tong Ibiza Classics Malta Foriana

Entry to Malta During the Pandemic

Malta is Europe’s number one vaccinated tourist destination, with over 82% of its adult population vaccinated with at least their first dose. The Maltese authorities are going to great lengths to put an end to the spread of COVID-19 among both tourists and residents.

As of writing, arrivals to Malta are required to present proof of full vaccination. You must be able to show that you have received a full course of vaccination at least 14 days prior to your arrival. If you’re traveling from the United Kingdom, then Malta will accept the NHS COVID Pass. Your best bet would be to check out their COVID page for the latest info.

Traveling to Malta

Traveling to Malta isn’t difficult, even during the pandemic. Malta has over 18 airlines that fly there, including Ryanair and Lufthansa. To plan your trip, you can visit this website and check out dates, flights, and other relevant information.

If you’re looking for an exciting, affordable, and safe travel destination, then Malta deserves your consideration.

Author: Matthew B.