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If you own a printer or have ever used one, you probably know the frustrating feeling of trying to fix an error message or figuring out which ink cartridge to use without any guidance. After experiencing this exact feeling multiple times during their college days, four colleagues came together and established a Helpdesk known as InkEvolved.

At the moment, the InkEvolved site that they created back in the day hosts more than 1000 troubleshooting articles that have helped tens of thousands of people resolve any printing issues theyve encountered. However, given that technology is advancing rapidly, InkEvolved decided it was time to up their game in the printing atmosphere. 

The Birthday Power Play 

On July 16th, the InkEvolved team will be celebrating three years of troubleshooting assistance. Bearing in mind this special milestone, InkEvolved finally shared the news that they would be rebranding. From now on, the InkEvolved site will go by the name of Printer Headlines, which is relatively similar to their partner site, GamerHeadlines. 

According to the InkEvolved team, we have a lot to expect from this rebranding move. However, the new name is just the cherry on top; what they will be doing behind the scenes is a whole different ball game. 

Regarding the technicalities of the site and overall user experience, they will be moving from the unmanaged WordPress platform. Instead, they will be testing out the managed solution from Kinsta. Along with the tagDiv platform that has a good ratio of performance and features. 

One Author, One Printer, Times 8 

Apart from the name change, the second most noticeable advancement for their visitors will be the abundance of new content they will have available. Readers will now have access to at least double the written content considering they have brought four new members to the team. 

As it has been so far, each team member has a specific printer that they specialize in. Up until now, the printers they covered were Epson, HP, Brother, and Canon. Now that the new personnel arrived, they will also be providing fresh troubleshooting articles and more for Lexmark, Konica, Dymo, and Ricoh printers. 

A New All-Inclusive Audience 

In addition to all of that, PrinterHeadlines promises to devote more time to boost their brand exposure through social media, which has before the rebranding been relatively limited. The leading platforms they will be using are Twitter and Facebook, as they believe this will help bring the printing community closer. 

The primary purpose of this rebranding is to provide a place for the printing community for all their printer-related questions. Including best buys, tutorials, manuals, and more! Head over toPrinterHeadlinesto catch a glimpse of all the latest improvements.