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PowerDVD 10 creates 3D movies from 2D ones, MKV included




CyberLink just released 10th Generation of their popular media player, mostly known as a bundle with numerous graphics cards and PC configurations out there. However, unlike the previous generations which brought up incremental improvements, PowerDVD 10 looks to be a whole another ballgame.

First of all, the techniques used to develop PowerDVD were different than the previous generation parts – under a moniker TrueTheater, CyberLink introduced a plethora of new features, such as TrueTheater 3D – GPU-accelerated video converter that turns your regular 2D movies, regardless of them being files on a hard drive, DVD or Blu-ray – into a 3D version. CyberLink also states that support for 3D Blu-ray will be enabled through a free update when BDA releases the final specs and the movies start arriving to e-tailers and retailers worldwide.

As you might imagine, the video analysis wasn’t used just for creating 3D movies, but also for upscaling standard definition videos into HD. Thanks to TrueTheater Noise Reduction and TrueTheater Stabilizer, movies are smoothened to make the standard video look better, to make upscaled video look better and to make 3D video look better. In any case, a very interesting set of improvements. If you own nVidia graphics card, PowerDVD will use CUDA. In case of ATI hardware, PowerDVD will utilize built-in ATI STREAM. If you use Intel’s graphics, you’ll have to rely on the strength of the CPU.

Also, PowerDVD added support for a lot of file formats that are popular among video enthusiasts, such as MKV container – popular among file sharers but also among professional community – in our video studio, we recently started to receive MKV requests from ino clients, a large change from usual attitude “send us files in MOV [QuickTime] or AVI.” It is good to see MKV support expanding beyond the usual requirement to download codec packs such as K-Lite Codec Pack.

PowerDVD 10 is available in three flavors, Standard, Deluxe and Ultra 3D. As you might have guessed, in order to enable 3D converter, you need to shell out $99.99 for the Ultra 3D version. Standard goes for $49.99, while Deluxe will set you back for $69.99.

Original Author: Theo Valich

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