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Photoshop Magic: How McDonalds Advertises Its Burgers




Recently, a video made by McDonald’s Canada went viral. The premise of the video was a question why the food in the advertisements looks significantly different than the actual (fast) meal. In order to answer that question, Hope Bagozzi, Director of Marketing for McDonald’s Canada starred in a video where we see the creation of one of advertising campaigns for McDonald’s.

This time around, the star of the (junk food) show was Quarter-Pounder with Cheese, a well-known burger in North America, and practically anonymous on majority of global markets. It’s base is 113 grams of meat, in case you needed translation… and this year, this iconic burger is celebrating 40 years of existence.

In any case, the video is down below, and you can comment who was the star of the show – the burger of the marketing agency that heavily utilized the magic of picture editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop, de facto default application for creative agencies…

Just for the record, the author of this story just had a burger for dinner, but he opted for one of custom creations over at The Counter in Del Mar, CA (San Diego). And in mere couple of hours, those calories will be burned by doing a 5 mile run around La Jolla (at least, he hopes so).

Original Author: Theo Valich

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