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PHOTO: Horrific Images of Flooded Western Digital Factory




Thanks to Invader, we managed to get the pictures of flooded Western Digital facility in Thailand, which was manufacturing 60% of all Western Digital drives.

Approaching the Western Digital factory (facilities on the left and right) through 1-1.4m deep water (4-5 feet)

As you can see on images in this article, the flooding is more than one meter i.e. about four feet deep. The bad news is that the water levels were still up at the time of writing of this article, almost a week since the floods started.


Western Digital is not the only company affected by the floods, as several major component manufacturers had the facilities in the area. Worldwide effect is expected at no less than 28% of quarter-on-quarter drop in Hard Disc Drive (HDD) production, affecting all major players.

Hard drive industry is not the only one, as digital camera industry was hit hard: Canon, Nikon, Sony are all hit in double digits, and you can expect prices of digital cameras to go wild as well.

No good news come out of car industry as well. North America will see a 50% drop in availability of Honda vehicles, as major component manufacturing was located in the hit area. But that’s not just for Honda: Ford, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota are all hit hard.


Original Author: Theo Valich

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