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Everything You Need to Know About 6G Networking Technology

BSN Staff



Even though 5G networks have not officially reached mainstream levels, large technology companies are already researching and analyzing assumptions regarding the next generation of cellular networking. It is estimated for 6G tech to get the commercial level in 2028 at the earliest, while it might go mainstream in 2030. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) will start working on 6G technical specifications and requirements in 2022. Initial assumptions indicate that 6G could be 1,000 times faster than the 5G speeds we can currently use. Currently, several companies are working on 6G technology, such as South Korea and its Electronics and Telecommunications Research laboratory, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Sweden with Ericsson, and Finland with Nokia.

Multiple Advantages of 6G in Comparison With 5G

Does 1GB/s sound appealing for a cellular-based network? How about 1TB/s? The speed is one of the most dominant assumptions made about 6G, accomplished by higher frequencies than 5G, which is key to achieving more network capacity and decreasing latency. The improvements made in bandwidth affect more aspects of the network than speed itself. It opens new possibilities in diverse, innovative technologies such as imaging algorithms, cognition, artificial intelligence, and more. MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) is a technology that expands 5G to bring the concept of cloud computing to its edge. The protocol needs to be installed into existing 5G networks, while it will be a part of every 6G network to come.

What About 6G Internet?

As per predictions, mainstream use of 6G for the Internet should be available in 2030 at the earliest, when the technology itself would improve even more. This hardware bump would bring online video streaming services and online gaming to a whole different level. Furthermore, with the rate at which the online gaming industry is growing, the benefits of 6G will undoubtedly assist in making online casino gaming to the next level. Popular choices and games like Blackjack, roulette, or Baccarat combined with HTML5 and 6G, are expected to improve all segments of the games, both the visual appeal and feature lists, possibly even venturing into virtual reality gaming online. Thus, the future seems bright for the online gaming and entertainment industry with these technologies combined.

6G is just part of a successful and mainstream solution for Internet-based communication, as the client/server devices need to be compatible with the new standard. Both hardware and software infrastructure need complete upgrading and possible replacement of components, so this is not something quickly. Current smartphone chipsets are an excellent example of how limited the processing power is for 6G and suggested specifications and requirements. When dealing with such an extreme amount of data, security also gets a serious do-over. Still, it is expected for artificial intelligence to play an essential role in that regard. 6G will also support high-performance offline computing, which is currently not always feasible to process in the cloud.