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nVidia schedules an event on the same day as ATI’s Evergreen launch?




Imagine next thing taking place: Enter a time machine and travel back in time to March 2004 in Hannover, Germany. German weather is awful as ever, and ATI’s PR managers are doing the meetings and inviting people to come to Toronto, Canada. The reason being is the upcoming launch of Radeon X800.

nVidia’s staff learns of the event taking place and decides to schedule an Editor’s Day in San Francisco, with its own GeForce 6800 series. The company did not care that if a journalist would attend both events, he or she would have to spend the Easter away from home, but such was the nature of the competition back at the day.

Past five years have been pretty eventful, but the companies showed some fiscal and human responsibility and didn’t dual the events… until now. We received a word from several colleagues that nVidia is making an “Editor’s Day” on the September 10th, the same date that AMD will held the public part of its Evergreen launch on afore mentioned USS Hornet aircraft carrier in Oakland, California.

When we asked nVidia about the event, the answer was that this has nothing to do with ATI’s launch, but we find the coincidence… with journalists flying from EMEA and APAC regions – weird. We were assured that the event has nothing to do with ATI Evergreen launch, as almost all tech editors are tied up with AMD’s events taking place around the Globe. In any case, this was an odd flashback from the past.

Original Author: Theo Valich

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