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nVidia May Launch the Geforce GTX 880 In September




Nvidia’s next-generation video card launch details may have been indadvertedly leaked by a Gigabyte executive. In an interview with Expreview, the executive claimed that Nvidia will unveil the GeForce GTX 880 in the month of September, with Gigabyte coming out with a custom card based on the reference design, dubbed the GTX 880 G1.Gamer. 

Details of the card are scant at this moment, but it is estimated that Gigabyte’s GTX 880 will feature a thermal cooler that can handle loads as high as 650W, and will feature a silent cooling solution that makes little to no noise when running in idle load. Also rumored is a 256-bit interface, along with 4GB GDDR5 video memory.  The first about the card leaked online in June. The GPU that will power the card is allegedly called GM204, and will be manufactured using a 28 nm process. Difficulties in shifting to large scale manufacturing are said to be a limiting factor in launching cards on the 20 nm process.

Additional information based on Zauba database listings suggests that Nvidia is currently in the testing phase with the GTX 880. Nvidia has a facility in Hyderabad that works on integrating the software drivers for its video cards, so it is likely that reference designs of the GTX 880 have been sent to the facility for testing. 

More details regarding the launch of the GTX 880 will likely be divulged at Gamescon, which is being held later this week. 

Original Author: Harish Jonnalagadda

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