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MSI Launches Voice Activated Motherboards




At IDF 2011, one of biggest innovations coming out of MSI isn’t the latest and greatest from Intel, but rather own in-house Intellectual Property: add-on card that enables voice control.

According to 4to5Jack, Rajiv Kotari and Alex Chang of MSI USA fame, MSI’s chief scientist has been working on voice activated motherboard add-on for several years. The add-in PCIe x1 card connects to a “mystery connector” which took place on almost every MSI motherboard for Sandy Bridge processors, with the marker being “JDLED3” – meaning nothing to people inside or outside MSI.

Today, we can reveal that the “JDLED3” is actually a connector for the voice-activating add-in board. From the software side, MSI will supply Voice Genie, software application that tracks your voice patterns so that you can perform basic control functions.

According to the MSI user manual, to turn the computer on, user needs to say “MSI Big Bang Power On”, and to shut it down the user only needs to say “Power Off MSI Big Bang” (in case of MSI’s Big Bang motherboard). You can also “Open Control Panel”, “Open Browser” and customize the commands. For instance, you can start the computer with a customized theme such as “Open thyself Sesame” or “Warp One Engage”, but bear in mind that shutting the computer down will require a reverse order of words (hence the MSI Big Bang Power On – Power Off MSI Big bang).

All in all, this is one genuinely new feature and with the MSI promising a “more than affordable price”, sounds like a good thing to have.

Original Author: Theo Valich

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