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One wheel to steer them all: Logitech G923 is official




G923 Logitech v1-2

The end to the endlessly retreaded “hey guys, can’t decide between the G29 and G920” threads on Twitter, Reddit, and other online places full of dead horses in tracksuits is finally upon us. Over five years since launching its last steering wheels, Logitech today announced the answer is “neither” because its newly debuted G923 combines all functionalities of its predecessors into a single, unified package.

Good things come in pairs; the best become pairs

It does so in a completely no-nonsense fashion, retaining the same $399 pricing that played a major part in the popularity of Logitech’s 2015 gadgets, but without the negative effects of limiting consumer choice to a single console ecosystem per wheel. Dovetailing with the company’s established commitment to universal PC support, the G923 doubles down on that interoperability ambition by being fully compatible with PlayStation and Xbox ecosystems – both present and future ones alike.

As a result, we’re likely looking at the next best-value option in the entry-level price bracket, which happens to be the busiest segment of the racing sim niche. Official support for AAA titles such as Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing rounds up the already-remarkable G923 feature list. Not a bad deal for the price of a five-year-old G29/G920. Speaking of which, while Logitech has yet to confirm this release signals an immediate discontinuation of its 2015 steering wheels, that’s basically a given.

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Source: TekTick

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