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Kingston Readies a 64GB, 2.4GHz Memory Kit for Intel X79 Platform




At the IDF 2011 conference, Kingston presented an eight DIMM memory kit with 64GB of memory, targeting Intel’s planned clock of 2400MHz for ultimate performance.

Kingston showcasing 64GB of memory on a GigaByte X79 motherboard and GPU powered system.

During the conference, we saw three upcoming eight DIMM motherboards from Intel, GigaByte and MSI. While the majority of X79 motherboards feature four DIMMs, rare motherboards with eight DIMM slots will be able to utilize the upcoming 8×8 DDR3 memory kit by Kingston.

The company is currently utilizing the current generation DRAM chips, but by launch time at the tail end of fourth quarter 2012, they will migrate to a brand new memory chip which will cut down the price from the currently predicted $2200 (at current memory prices).

64GB HyperX Kingston kit resting on a premium MSI X79 Motherboard

The shift to a new memory process is taking its place, and we’d expect to see the final retail price hovering between $1200-1500, just like their first generation, world’s first 12GB DDR3-1600 memory kit we tested back in 2009.

If you’re into audio or video production, 64GB on a single socket Sandy Bridge-E system, running at 1600MHz would give you 50GB/s, while the targeted 2.4GHz clock could achieve 75GB/s. In any case, you’re looking at mouth watering memory bandwidth results.

Original Author: Theo Valich

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