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NetEnt Launches Sequel to Fan-Favorite Slot Game – Starburst XXXTreme

BSN Staff



NetEnt has recently launched Starburst XXXTreme, an addition to the legendary Starburst series of slot games. With over 20 years in the entertainment business, NetEnt’s new game launches hardly go unnoticed, mainly about a fan-favorite game such as Starburst. The new sequel takes the winning Starburst formula and boosts it up to an entirely new level. The depth of the game itself has now been noticeably improved, providing high volatility. In addition, the gaming experience itself has improved a lot as the player gets taken to a space odyssey. Fans of the series will appreciate the changes, as NetEnt has strategically implemented these not to change the original formula too much.

What Made the Original Starburst Formula so Successful?

Original Starburst has always been a low volatility game, which means that the player can expect frequent winnings on the slot machines. The game is laid out relatively simply, with it being a 5 x 3 reel. As it was released back in 2012, it got optimized for desktop computers or laptops. Recently, the game’s interface has got adapted to be enjoyable on smartphones and tablets as well. Starburst is played by adjusting the wagers and coin values and simply spinning the reel. By default, coin values range from 0.01 to 1 EUR, while the bet level can get adjusted from 1 to 10. It is possible to set a maximum bet of 100 EUR.

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Starburst XXXTreme Builds Upon the Classic Formula

With the release of Starburst XXXTreme, NetEnt hopes to expand upon the legacy created by the Starburst slot game, which is a responsible task. The popularity of the series has reached global levels, so blending in the new and the old versions of the game is essential to do right. The new game retains the original 5 x 3 layout, so not much has changed at first glance. However, players can now purchase Starburst Wilds, tokens that can increase the chances of winning. In addition, re-spins get awarded, and there are random score multipliers as well, improving the gaming experience. The Starburst series takes a new direction and implants the slot gaming experience with depth and more volatility with these subtle but critical changes. Starburst XXXTreme is a worthy addition to any gaming portfolio. It has simple gameplay mechanics, stunning visuals, and plenty of legacy in its wake, as stated by Todd Haushalter, CPO at Evolution.