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MGM Resorts shares reopening plans




MGM Resorts, perhaps the world’s marquee casino, was forced to close up shop in March due to pandemic-related restrictions. Now, the casino’s owners are looking to reopen the doors to their worldwide visitors, but are looking to make several considerations in doing so. After consultations with the medical and scientific community, the casino’s management revealed a seven-point plan to minimize the risk of contagion once visitors begin returning to the establishment.

The casino is reopening, but with a different look for the time being

The plan involves health checks on both employees and guests before they enter the casino in order to screen them for potential signs of the virus, as well as mandatory protection gear for the employees. Furthermore, the casino plans to implement extensive distancing measures, which include labyrinth-like glass barriers being installed within the casino.

The remaining measures primarily focus on improving the casino’s ventilation and sanitization, as well as reducing the need for guests to wait in line. An evacuation plan has also been added to the casino’s seven-step program. MGM Resorts acting chief executive and president Bill Hornbuckle said that these measures will remain in place for some time, although he didn’t specify when the premises might return to their usual state. It is unclear if the inconvenience of these measures will harm the casino’s revenue further, as the MGM reported a 29.1% loss in revenue in Q1 due to the effects of the viruses, which was mitigated by the sale of two of MGM’s properties.