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Esports Entertainment Group has been granted an MGA License




Esports Entertainment Group, a New York-listed gaming company, has just been granted a license that will allow it to take online bets on pool matches with providers in the region. In a statement regarding the acquisition of the license, Esports Entertainment Group CEO Grant Johnson shared his view of where the company is headed and what its shareholders can expect.

Expansions and acquisitions are the company’s bottom line right now

As Johnson explained, the company is rolling out an aggressive plan of expansion that will involve both measures such as the one mentioned above and various acquisitions. One example of this is the company’s purchase of Argyll Entertainment ahead of obtaining the MGA license, which also gave them access to Argyll’s subsidiary, which targets the British market. Prior to the acquisition, Argyll was a major betting and gaming operator with roughly $12 million in annual revenue.

Johnson said that the acquisition of the gaming license from MGA will play a key role in ensuring that the company’s expansion plans go smoothly. Expanding upon Esports Entertainment Group’s plans, the CEO added that similar deals and acquisitions are on the table for the remainder of the year as the firm looks to get a strong foothold on various markets and strengthen its brand while delivering quality gaming offerings to many different regions.