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32Red Poker closed its offices on May 19




May 19 marks the date when 32Red Poker closed its online poker offices to players as part of a broader business plan by Microgaming. Last year, Microgaming announced that it would be closing its online poker network after more than 16 years of service, citing a focus on other casino games and a different plan of action moving forward.

Users of the website won’t have to look too far to find an alternative

Although 32Red Poker was shut down, users of the platform can still access the website as they would previously, be it to retrieve their funds or simply engage in one of the website’s other games. As part of the poker section closure, both the Bad Beat Jackpot and the 5 Fish Party Jackpots were also shut down.

While the unused funds by players who participated in these jackpots were returned, the excess funds from the decommissioned jackpots were transferred to the prize pools of the six jackpots that were held on the same month. In a statement regarding the decision to close up shop, 32Red Poker advised poker enthusiasts to indulge in their pastime through Unibet Poker, assuring them that they would receive the same high quality of service that they’ve become accustomed to. Both 32Red Poker and Unibet Poker are members of the same parent company.