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Which Web Hosting Singapore is Better? Vodien Vs Exabytes

Mike Oliver



With the rise of online business, having a website is crucial for any SME looking to establish their online presence. While some businesses rely on social media platforms to reach their audience, owning a website offers several advantages, including the ability to reach a wider audience on Google, creating unlimited business opportunities. To own a website, you need a web hosting service provider.

There are many web hosting providers in the market, including GoDaddy, Exabytes, A2 Hosting, Hostinger, Vodien, and Bluehost, among others. In this article, we will compare two major web hosting providers in Singapore, namely Vodien and Exabytes, and help you choose the best web hosting provider for your business needs.

Core Business of Vodien Singapore & Exabytes SG

Vodien VS Exabyte

Vodien Singapore is the marketing leader in terms of web hosting services in Singapore, despite being established later than Exabytes. It offers a smaller scale of services compared to Exabytes, including servers and web security services. On the other hand, Exabytes is the pioneer in the web hosting industry, having been founded in 2001. It has since grown to become one of the leading e-commerce and digital solutions providers in Southeast Asia, offering a one-stop-service for businesses, including digital marketing services, cloud services, server services, and more.

Business Web Hosting: Vodien VS Exabytes

In this section, we will compare Vodien Business Web Hosting (bizElite) and Exabytes Business Web Hosting Singapore (EBiz 12Max), two popular web hosting plans for businesses in Singapore.

Web Hosting Price

When comparing the two plans, Exabytes offers a much more affordable price than Vodien, almost five times lower. Although the packages offer similar services, Exabytes provides better features, including faster loading speed, more storage, and better security measures.

Features & Quality

Exabytes is a trusted web hosting provider with over 200,000 clients worldwide, known for its friendly pricing and efficient hosting plans. The provider offers a complete package, including daily backups, extra website security measures, free marketing services, and more. Moreover, Exabytes offers fast website loading speed, which is crucial for a positive customer experience.

Vodien, on the other hand, is known for its fast servers with unlimited data and its ability to help users manage their WordPress website with the utmost security. In terms of customer support, both providers receive great reviews from their existing clients.

Exabyte Singapore Hosting Service

Vodien Business Web Hosting: bizElite (SGD 165)

  • 100 GB Disk Space
  • 150 Email Addresses
  • 30 Websites
  • Others: Dedicated IP, Free SSL

Exabytes Business Web Hosting: EBiz 12Max (SGD36.99 – Promotion Now!)

  • 240 GB Fast SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Others: Free Lifetime Domain, Free SSL, Free Daily Backup, WordPress Management, Free credits on Web Design Services/ SEO services/ Marketing services, Dedicated Account Manager


Overall, Exabytes is an excellent option for SMEs and large businesses looking for the best value offering. The provider’s business scale enables them to offer great services at a lower cost, making them hard to beat in the market.