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Teleco boosts home offices with new solutions




By now, home offices have become more of a necessity than a choice for business owners of any scale due to the effects of the global crisis. As the pandemic forced employees into quarantine, business owners scrambled to find a method to retain productivity and allow for as much to be done remotely as possible. While the transition was smoother for certain types of businesses than others, none were free of challenges along the road, and a major one came in the form of security.

Plugging a key hole in home offices

Having a bulletproof cyber security system is the cornerstone of any business, and most businesses are indeed equipped with state-of-the-art security measurs to prevent attacks and theft. When employees move their office to their homes, however, things can take a sudden turn. The back-and-forth between home and corporate devices can expose both the employee and the business to plenty of vulnerabilities.

With this in mind, Teleco, a managed technology services provider (MTSP), announced that it would be extending cybersecurity measures to its employees in order to prevent dubious activity. As many businesses still look for a way to remotely translate their daily activities, they might do well to take a hint from Teleco and its focus on the importance of maintaining a company’s security.