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Google to extend $1,000 support check to home office employees




While many businesses are looking to resume their daily activities as quick as possible, big tech companies seem content enough to let their employees continue working remotely for a prolonged period of time. Google, Facebook and Twitter are among the bigger names whose representatives went on record stating that remote working in their company could continue until the end of the year, or possibly even longer.

The $1,000 check is meant to better adjust a home office

In order to support the employees and acclimatize them to the new, if temporary, environment, Google will extend a $1,000 check to each of its employees. In an email sent to all of Google’s employees, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai announced that each employee will be receiving a $1,000 compensation that will allow them to better adjust their home to an office environment.

Given the amount of employees Google has, the total sum given out will undoubtedly be a hefty one, although one that will be well-received. Pichai also expanded upon what employees might expect when it comes to returning to the office, pegging mid-July as a starting point where workers will begin returning to the office, albeit gradually and with precautions taken. Pichai added that the offices will comply to stringent safety measures, and that the environment might look considerably different to what the employees are used to due to measures introduced to minimize the effects of the pandemic.