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Here comes the Apple bride: Meet the iPad




So we watched the live coverage of Apple Tablet event in San Francisco on Gizmodo and social networks where Steve Jobs showed a new product. After all the speculation about the names, the company kept it simple and went against the registered “iSlate” brand. At the end of the day, the official name is as simple as it gets – meet the iPad.

Apple iPad looks thick at the first sight, but it is actually thinner than what would you expect.

From the photos we must say it looks like a hybrid between big iPod touch/iPhone and a digital frame. IPad comes with an 9.7” LCD display using an IPS panel, which has as the Apple people say – “great angle of view.” We tend to agree with Apple there, especially when you compare IPS panel to a TN one. Naturally, Apple’s trademark capacity multi touch is as present as ever.

iPad is around half an inch thin and weighs just about 1.5 pounds [just a bit more than half a kilo, at 640 grams]. Just like Amazon Kindle or Sony’s e-Reader, it will be able to access and use all GSM networks, as it will use micro SIM card.

It runs on a 1GHz Apple A4 chip [P.A. Semiconductor], and has from 16GB to 64GB of flash storage. It also features 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, 30-pin connector, speaker, microphone, accelerometer and compass.
All apps that you bought for iPhone you can use also on iPad like Facebook app, game app like Flight Simulator etc.

Where iPad is a #fail?
The big fail is that it doesn’t have GPS, HDSPA/HSPA [3.5G], camera, it can’t run Adobe Flash and still like on many apple gadgets doesn’t support multi tasking?! Decision not to support Adobe’s Flash will be paid dearly, as it alienates the market of several hundred million casual gamers that all play flash-based applications.

But nevertheless you can watch videos, listen to music, read books, watch photos and play games on it. It has a simple paint app for simple photo editing [brushes, swatches and other tools]. For reading newspaper it has the app that is very similar to the actual paper. The formatting is similar to A4 paper format, and you can change the number of columns, resize text, flip through slideshows and go into landscape mode. It comes with iBooks app with whitch it will try to take some of the users from Amazon Kindle. For office work it has the iWork app.

The battery on standby can hold for 30 days, and 10 hours of watching videos. It is enviroment friendly so it is mercury, arsenic, BFR free, PVC free system and it is highly recyclable.

The pricing for basic version(16gb) will be 499$, 32gb version 599$, 64gb version 799$ – with 3G module price will be up for 130$. Of course you will be able to buy keyboard docking.

The official page is naturally,

We must say that the last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments written on it :P.

Original Author: Daniela Kustre

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