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Has OTOY Bridged the Gap between CGI and Reality?




There’s no beating around the bush – we live in a CGI-enhanced world. From photoshopped models in fashion (and other) magazines to car and airline commercials, only a few niches remain untouched by technology. Technology was missing to render photorealistic facial expressions, (im)perfect human bodies and many more.

No, this is not a picture taken in the sundown… it’s a test of Octane Fog feature

However, as the time moved on, the Lightstage concept became a reality, and we’ve learned of at least one Hollywood studio building a majestically-sized Lightstage, which should enable perfect recreation of human skin (deemed mission impossible) and realistic animation of human emotions. From the other side, a software suite is needed to manipulate the raw data and create the digital version of real world.

No, this is not a picture…

OTOY recently released the Octane Render in its 1.02 version, utilizing custom OpenCL kernel running on Nvidia hardware. The render is available in multiple forms (heterogeneous approach), which we believe to be the right approach to the future: standalone application, plug in for popular tools and as a cloud service.

We are preparing an in-depth article on Octane Render, utilizing contemporary consumer and professional hardware, as well as an answer to the question can GPU replace a CPU with image quality. In meanwhile, we invite you to take a look at the gallery and follow OTOY on Facebook.

How LightStage works: Example

How Lightstage works – capturing data from a human face and creating a texture / 3D object with all the properties we need for custom animation

HDRI Environment Importance Sampling (~17 millions tris) rendered with one GPU. The 2 renders are using the same render time (18 seconds on 1xGTX 680).

Octane in Action – Z-Brush plus Octane Render for Breaking Bad

This image was created in only two days… can you spot the differences between the real Walter White and this image?

48 hours, Z-Brush and Octane Render.

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Original Author: Theo Valich

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