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Top 9 New and Upcoming PS5 Games To Look Forward To

Mike Oliver



If you are a proud owner of a Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5), you are in for a treat! That’s because the company has a series of titles lined up for release in 2024 and later. 

From action games to RPGs and FPS to fantasy, PS5 has all sorts of titles in development. When the time comes, they will release the new PS5 games and offer players something exciting to try.

If you are eager to find out about the new and upcoming PS5 games in 2024 and later, this post is for you. Read through the information given below and find out what PlayStation has planned for you.

Here is the rundown:

Still Wakes The Deep

New and Upcoming PS5 Games-Still Wakes The Deep

Developed by The Chinese Room, Still Wakes The Deep is an a new and upcoming game that is slated to release on 18th June 2024. It should be obvious why we have put this title in the first spot as it is going to be released soon.

It is a first-person horror title, where you assume the role of a player working at an offshore oil rig. It is a challenging new and upcoming PS5 game, where you must utilise your skills to survive the dangerous storm while keeping yourself out of the North Sea. When the release day arrives, you can play it on your PS5.

The First Descendant

New and Upcoming PS5 Games-The First Descendant

Scheduled to launch on 2nd July 2024, the game is developed by In-House. If you are a fan of third-person shooter games, this could be your new favourite. Even though it is a saturated genre, The First Descendant stands out because of its unique abilities.

Unfortunately, not many details are revealed by the developers, but we are sure the gameplay will be great. On 2nd July, it will be accessible on both PC and PS5. So, before you get your hands on the hardcopy, make sure to try it out for a few days.

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree

New and Upcoming PS5 Games-Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree

This is one of the new and upcoming PS5 games that you shouldn’t miss out on. Anticipated to be the biggest release in 2024, Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Edrtree has everything you would want in an action-packed title.

However, it is not a full game, but an extension of Elden Ring. As per sources, the game is packed with magic, weapons, bosses, enemies, and weapon skills. With stunning graphics and sound effects, In-House ensures that players get the best experience. Given the storyline of the game, it is likely to occupy most of your free time.

Black Myth: Wukong

New and Upcoming PS5 Games-Black Myth Wukong

For those who are waiting for Black Myth: Wukong, it is slated to release on 20th August 2024. It is developed and will be published by the same company, Game Science.

This title is suitable for those who are into action RPGs. It is based on Chinese mythology and revolves around the journey to the West. Your role is to play as the destined one, uncovering the truth of a past legend. The new and upcoming PS5 game offers numerous challenges, so; you need to be prepared to take them on. With a range of abilities, spells, and techniques, you are in for a lot of boss fights and action scenes.

Stars Wars Outlaws

New and Upcoming PS5 Games-Stars Wars Outlaws

Many players are eagerly waiting for the release of Stars Wars Outlaws. Well, the good news is that you don’t need to wait long as the release date is already announced. It will be accessible on PS5 on 30th August 2024. For those who don’t know Stars Wars Outlaws is developed by Massive Entertainment and will be published by Ubisoft, and Lucasfilm Games.

This open-world title allows you to play as Kay Vess. What’s more is that you will have Nix and a commando as your companion. It is an exciting new and upcoming PS5 game with just the right amount of thrill. So, make sure to mark your calendars.

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions

New and Upcoming PS5 Games-Harry Potter Quidditch Champions

Anybody who grew up watching the Harry Potter movie series, shouldn’t miss out on this gem. It is scheduled to release on 3rd September 2024, which is just a couple of months away.

Developed by Unbroken Studios, Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions allows you to participate in the Quidditch championship on a broomstick. You zip and dodge through the field, showcasing your skills. The good thing is that you can play it in both co-op and solo. As a player, you can choose your position as a seeker, keeper, chaser, or beater. If you have watched the movies, it will not take you long to figure out how this game works.

Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero

New and Upcoming PS5 Games-Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero

It is indeed great news for Dragon Ball fans as they have a new PS5 game coming up on 11th October 2024. Developed by Spike Chunsoft Co., the title will be published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

This game is an addition to the Budokai Tenkaichi series and is packed with lots of exciting features. From legendary characters to signature moves and skills, Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero has a lot to offer.

New World: Aeternum

New and Upcoming PS5 Games-New World Aeternum

If you are looking for an MMO title, New World: Aeternum could be a suitable choice for you. Developed by In-house, this game has a perfect mix of MMO and RPG elements. You can access this title on your PS5 console from 15th October 2024 onwards.

As with other MMO games, New World: Aeternum has multiple game modes, including the single-player mode. It promises amazing combat scenes and sharp characters that are hard to ignore.

Sonic x Shadows Generations

New and Upcoming PS5 Games-Sonic x Shadows Generations

With Sonic Team gearing up for a new launch, you should prepare yourself for an exciting experience. Sonic x Shadows Generations is slated to release on 25th October 2024.

The official trailer gives us a glimpse of what to expect from the game. From pinball action to madcap platforming, this title is set to entertain all sonic fans.

These are only a few of the new and upcoming PS5 games that are scheduled to arrive this year otherwise, there’s more. If you have a PS5, you are lucky to access these new and upcoming PS5 games on your console and immerse yourself in an exciting gaming experience.