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The Witcher 4: What We Know So Far

Mike Oliver



The Witcher 4

Right from the moment, The Witcher 4 was announced in 2022, fans haven’t been able to keep calm. It’s the upcoming game in the Witcher franchise which is titled “The Witcher 4: Polaris.”

As it has already been more than two years since the announcement, fans are getting impatient to know about the release details. As per online portals, the game is currently in the making and will take time to release.

Though we will have to wait for the considerable time, we have some details which we have discovered so far. Go through this write-up and find out more about the upcoming title.

The Witcher 4 Release Date

At the time of writing, we do not have any updates about the game’s release date. Even though it is a highly anticipated title, the studio seems to take things slow. However, one clear thing is that the game is in the making.

In 2022, CEO Adam Kicinski mentioned that it would take at least three years for the fourth instalment to be released. In that case, fans can expect the title to arrive in 2025. However, we cannot confirm anything unless there’s an official announcement.

It is common for game studios to delay release due to various reasons. It takes time to develop a game and finish all the work involved. So, fans need to be patient with the release schedule.

If everything goes as planned, we can expect The Witcher 4 to release in 2025. In case of issues, the release may get postponed to 2026 or 2027. We are hopeful the studio will release further updates about the game as we get closer to the release date.

What Platforms Could The Witcher 4 Be On?

So far, the studio hasn’t confirmed anything, but it is assumed that the game will be available on platforms like Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC. In that case, both console and computer users can access the game.

Games that are accessible on both PCs and consoles are the best as they give you the chance to play them on both devices. Since The Witcher 4 is a next-generation game, you will need a powerful PC to support it.

That being said, The Witcher 4 is expected to be titled “Polaris.” Games studios are known to use code names for titles before their release. So, we are not exactly sure if this information is correct.

Is The Witcher 4 Using Unreal Engine 5?

Fans are eager to know if The Witcher 4 is using Unreal Engine 5. Well, the answer is yes! Instead of using the RED engine, the title will use Unreal Engine 5. This is no doubt a great thing for gamers as it makes the title so much better than the previous instalments.

The Witcher 4 is the first title in the franchise to use Unreal Engine 5. Fans are indeed excited about this change and eagerly waiting for the release.

The Witcher 4 is an exciting game, especially for those who have played the previous instalments. However, we have time before the fourth instalment is released. For now, we need to be patient and wait.