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Latest Gaming News is celebrating 18 full years in business

BSN Staff



It may feel like only yesterday, but is today celebrating 18 full years in business. This gaming outlet’s story started back in the Web 1.0 days and while a lot of things have changed since then, many more stayed exactly the same. The demand for reliable news reporting, for example, remains substantial. And even that is putting it lightly, since reporting on video games and related developments is still Invader’s bread and butter.

The overall gaming industry remains on a strong upwards trajectory, as well. Which is why we expect Invader to stay around for many more years to come. After all, everyone’s a gamer these days, meaning that the gaming media’s theoretical growth prospects are looking good. So long as you can handle the competition, of course.

And the team behind The Invader is currently more confident than ever regarding their ability to continue putting out quality video games reporting. That’s far from surprising; how could they not be, after 18 years of doing that very thing?

The video games landscape did change quite a lot since the turn of the century. And so, no matter the level of belief surrounding the project, it’s difficult to predict how the industry is going to look in another 18 years. But what’s certain is that The Invader is dead-set on staying around in order to describe that future in great detail from the moment it arrives.

To that end, we wish them all the best, as we are presently living in some rather exciting times for gamers. Capable gaming hardware is a dime a dozen, many of it even fits inside your pocket, Internet service is fast, cheap, and more wireless than ever, and the Esports world is firing on all cylinders, both in terms of competitiveness and viewership. In other words: the time is ripe for even more quality games media content.